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Arbitration / Mediation Program


Designed exclusively for California lawyers whose practice is 100% Arbitration/Mediation

The Arbitration/Mediation Program is designed exclusively for California lawyers whose practice is 100% arbitration/mediation. Varying degrees of coverage are afforded through this Program for unbelievably low rates.

If your practice is less than 100% arbitration/mediation, you must apply for coverage under the Standard Program. Provided that your practice is at least 85% arbitration/mediation, you will receive the benefit of a reduced premium, subject to approval.




  • Prior Acts coverage is available for each prior consecutive year in which you were a solo practitioner** with a 100% arbitration/mediation practice. If you do not desire or qualify for Full Prior Acts coverage, premiums are even lower for no prior acts coverage or for a limited prior acts period.

  • "Claims-Free Credits" -- Earn premium credits based upon future Claims-Free years with LMIC.

  • "Over 50 hours of Continuing Legal Education Programs Free of Charge"

Minimum Enrollment Qualifications


  • Be a solo practitioner;

  • Have a practice that is 100% arbitration/mediation

  • Have no knowledge of any act, error, omission or disagreement with any former or current client which might give rise to a claim or suit;

  • Have had no claims made against you alleging any liability arising from the performance of Professional Services;

  • Have had no disciplinary proceedings brought against you by the State Bar of California, or any other State Bar;

  • Have current membership in good standing with the State Bar of California;

  • Have your principal office located in the state of California;

  • Have a "dual calendar" control system; and

  • Have letterhead indicating your solo practitioner** status.

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